You know how those intrusive "What if" thoughts take up much of your time and energy? I help you put a stop to the thoughts, so you can enjoy your life in the present moment.  The chance of those "what if" and fears to come true are minuscule, so take control of them and have peace and happiness in your life today. 

  • free time to devote to your work, family and hobbies

  • Increase energy

  • Feeling lighter with a bounce in your step

  • happier thoughts

  • fewer physical illnesses 

  • No more rapid heart beat, uncontrollable sweating or lump in your stomach

Ignoring the thoughts and hoping they will go away will only get you very temporary relief, I give you the tool to find lasting relief by:

Peace of Mind

  • Stop the worst case scenarios swirling in your head
  • Identifying the fears at the base of the worry
  • Replace fear based thoughts with reality based thoughts

Overcoming Panic attacks

  • Recognize the earliest warning signs of an oncoming panic attack
  • Learn effective deep breathing strategies
  • Develop new coping strategies to mitigate anxiety

enjoying the moment

  • Practice Mindfulness skills
  • Learn how to stay present in your body instead of in your head