Therapy with Children

Parenting is a hard job and sometimes you run out of ideas of what to do to help your child.Whether the child does not listen your you when you say "no," is having difficulties making friends in school, is missing a lot of school days due to illness, troubles going to sleep or sleeping in their own bed, I help children do the best they can, so the family can...

  • Go on fun family outings

  • Have time in the day to play together

  • Smile more

  • talk to each other

  • Create great family memories

  • Find peace in the home

Unlike waiting for your children to grow out of it, I give you and your child the tools to have a happy, peaceful home. 

Reassurance for Parents

  • Validation for the parenting struggle
  • Skills to improve child's behaviors
  • Improved understanding of their child
  • A judgement free zone

Safe space for kids

  • Therapy room full of toys, books, games and crafts
  • Learning to trust another adult 
  • Share their thoughts and feelings. 

Skills for a lifetime

  • Understanding own body's response to emotions
  • Kid appropriate strategies to reduce emotional intensity
  • Understanding they are not alone in their feelings.