Badlands Trans Tribe

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You know how being transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming feels lonely, isolated, terrifying, depressing and overwhelming? Especially those that live in a small community or farm in the Midwest where the most diversity you find is in the types of livestock.

Badlands Trans Tribe, or BTT for short, is the answer to building a safe, non-judgmental community, where everyone finds acceptance and support for their gender identity. The comment I hear most often from my transgender clients is "I don't know anyone else like me." This was heartbreaking for me because  I knew a lot of transgender people and sometimes another transgender person was at their workplace or in their neighborhood. Now with BTT, you can connect to people all over the Midwest and finally be connected to your tribe. 

Membership Benefits

1. Community Support through group meetings 2x’s a month

2. Group facilitation by a trained professional

3. Access to professionally curated resources

4. A chance to learn and be inspired by others’ experiences.

5. A dedicated facilitator and a stable, drama free environment.

Danielle talks about why local community is important to her. 

Why is having a trans tribe important to me?