Gender Diversity Consulting

Stop wasting precious time and resources figuring out the best way for your school to welcome gender diverse students by utilizing a gender diversity consultant. You get to focus the administrative details that you are trained and experienced in while the consultant handles the details of making your school welcoming and a place of success for gender diverse students. 


As your Gender Diversity Consultant, I will help you respect your students and staff and avoid the potential nightmares of 

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  • Letters from angry parents
  • Letters from lawyers 
  • Yelling matches between student and teachers that disrupt learning environment
  • Aggression/assaults between student
  • Regulation issues when laws change 

The school will flourish and have a sense of unity and peace when everyone follows the same plan for gender diverse students.

Grades and test scores can be expected to improve when you remove the intense conflicts between teachers and students over pronouns and preferred names because teachers can focus on the materials they are teaching and  students can focus on their work. 

Many administrators think they can handle these gender diverse situations on their own but their plans often fall short of success because they do not have the staff hours or the training to fully address the entire situation. Instead of a long-term resolution, they end up with a band-aid solution that leaves multiple parties unsatisfied.

Your staff and students deserve a trained professional dedicated to the satisfaction of staff, students, parents, and the law. 

Call 605-360-5051 or email for a free estimate. 

The Consultation Process 

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During the assessment phase I talk to the major authorities in the situatoin. This includes the student, parents, case workers, employers, school representatives, etc. During these interviews, I will sort out each persons wants, needs and limitations for the gender diverse person. 


After the interviews are complete, I pull together a case plan that provides the best solutions for all that are involved that works within the limitation of the situation but provides the most supportive environment for the individual. Having a outside expert's perspective will identify those solutions that will provide the best outcome for everyone. This plan is presented to all parties in a group meeting. Once there is consensus on the plan is implemented. 


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After the case plan is signed, I provide any education on the matter that is needed to additional faculty, coaches, care providers, etc. This education provides a basic understanding of gender diversity, common mistakes and how to avoid or correct them and any specific education relative to to the case. 


Consultation rates start at $850. Each individual case varies. Please call 605-360-5051 or email for a free estimate.